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8000 P

Rasta Group Self-operated type pressure adjusting valve is an executor which can utilize the energy of operating media itself to realize automatic adjustment. These executors are being used for below and above 0.6 MPa application, diaphragm and piston type, respectively and for high temperature and corrosive gases (bellows type).

It has been applied extensively to automatic control of pressure reducing, pressure stabilized (being used for controlling after-valve pressure) or decompression, pressure stabilized (being used for controlling before-valve pressure) in various industrial equipment of petroleum, chemical engineering, power, metallurgical, food, light, textile, etc.

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•                They Work with no power and gas.

•                They are energy saving products.

•                Pressure-set valve can be adjusted in case of operation.

•                Quick-open flow characteristic as well as linear and iso-percentage flow can be adopted.

•                Its action is quick and generally pressure reducing ratio can reach to 10, the least is 1.25.


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