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Series BS9000

Rasta Group BS9000 Straight Through Ball Valves have a special inner valve which can be fully opened or closed by simply causing the stem to make a 1/4 turn. The offtake from a ball valve, when totally opened,has the same bore as the pipeline and its fluid resistance is negligible. For this reason, this atuomatic valve is best suited to on-off service, controlling various types of liquid, gas and slurry.

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• Quarter turn non-rubbing design is achieved by triple offset geometry, completely eliminating all seat to seal rubbing throughout the 90 degree rotation of the disc.
• Metal seat results in broader application, longer valve life and less maintenance.
• Internally and externally retained, triple blow-out prevention.
• The seat seal ring can be changed easily.
• Metal seal, resilient metal seal and soft seal are optional.
• Single-piece cast body, with face to face dimensions in accordance to ISO 5752 and API 609 provides interchan­geability with gate, high performance butterfly, plug and other valves for simpler and more flexible installation.
• Valve constructions allow material compatibility with NACE MR0175-2003, please contact Rasta Group for details.
• High performance GF TFE packing and graphite packing with live-loading to fit with low fugitive emissions APl-622.

Dimensions 00 x 00 in


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