Rastagroup control valve manufacturer | Rasta Group Industrial Valve Manufacturer control valve
Rasta Group, Industrial Valve, Control Valve, Severn
Rasta Group, Industrial Valve, Control Valve, Severn
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About US



RASTA GROUP has started as exclusive representative of reputable international companies, supplying all types of control valves,Regulators, Safety Valves,On-Off Valves & MOV.


RASTA GROUP Industrial Valve started to assemble, test, maintenance, service, repair, and calibrationin its plant in Tula Ind. park Qeshm Island.


RASTA GROUP Industrial Valve started the design, manufacturing, assembly, test, maintenance, servicing, repair, and calibration in its factory in Hashtgerd Ind. City

Our Mission


Our mission is moving toward the ultimate acquisition of national independence in design and manufacturing of industrial valves which are widely used throughout all industries such as industries, Food industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Agriculture industry, Mining industry, as well as providing subsidiary services such as installation, monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of such valves.

Relying upon our competitive advantages including the most up-to-date technical/scientific knowledge, complete and efficient equipment, technical support from well-known international companies of the industry and also our highly literate and experienced staff, our company seeks its stability and survival in progressive developments, logical profitability, and ability to compete with domestic and international manufacturers over local and Middle Eastern markets.

The main ambition of RGQ is to reach the predefined enterprise objectives and provide the satisfaction of all stakeholders including the benefiting industries, employees, share-holders, customers and suppliers within the framework of the company’s ethical beliefs and values.

Our Vision


To become the most distinguished control valve manufacturer and a major provider of the best solution for both general and several applications in the Middle East.

Our Values


  • An uncompromising commitment to quality, safety and environment
  • An absolute focus on customer satisfaction
  • A drive for exemplary performance
  • A reputation for reliability
  • A fervor for innovation and creativity
  • A complete commitment to personnel promotion
  • An exceptional organizational culture.