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Control Valves Repairing

Control Valves have several types which have the same performance but their structures are different. In order to repair different types of control valves the following steps are usually taken in Rasta Group. However repairing of this equipment has lots of dynamic factors, which must be taken under consideration case by case.

1: Diagnosing the problem which can usually be achieved by De-assembling Control valve

2: Examination and quality control of de-assembled components

3: The Rejected Parts can be repaired. This includes machining, welding, and applying special coatings. If the trim cannot be repaired it can be manufactured by Rasta group Engineering Team.

4: Assembling the components of control valve

5: Leakage Tests

6: Laboratory test analysis and preparing specifications of control valve such as CV and Characteristics which are very important for control valves without any documents or name plate

7: Surface pretreatment and painting

8: Tubing and instrumentation

9: Functional tests

10: Preparation of Final Book