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AC 3000

Rasta Group AC3000 Control Choke Valve offers a wide variety of choke trims to match any service requirements – always with the customers’ benefit in mind: improving well production time, reducing maintenance time and costs and accommodating changes in well operating conditions.

Trim and body erosion, noise, vibration and poor process control are eliminated with superior velocity control. AC3000 choke disk stack controls flowing velocities by forcing the process fluid to flow through a tortuous path of angle turns. The resistance to flow provided by these turns (or stages) limits the trim exit velocity to a safe level, regardless of the pressure drop.

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  • Solid tungsten carbide plug, seat and disk stack eliminates erosion and galling and extends performance life for maximum productivity.
  • Large flow passages to easily handle solids means continued reliable performance.
  • Multi-step letdown to control velocity, erosion, noise, and vibration for minimum down time and safety.
  • Increased rangeability due to a longer stroke means superior performance and control.
  • Dual scrapers prevent solids from entering sealing areas for reduced maintenance.
  • Venturi seat transition assures smooth flow into valve outlet and pipingfor problems downstream.
  • Easy maintenance, quick-change trim means no trim parts are welded or screwed into the body.
  • All trim seals are PTFE. PTFE is explosive decompression resistant.


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